Spanked bare butt

spanked bare butt

I was also spanked bare bottom by my mother. It was humiliating, but it's ment to be. I spank my two girls on their bare bottoms too. I agree: Why. Watch Bare Bottom Spanking porn videos for free, here on Sort movies by Most Chinese Girl Soundly Spanked Bare Bottom 38, views. 73%. Alison Miller's almost bare bubble butt feels the sting of a riding crop No-nonsense bare bottom over the knee hand & hairbrush spankings.

Spanked bare butt Video

Heidi Klum's Bare Butt Gets Spanked Added Aug 16, Domestic violence has nothing to do with parental corporal punishment. Thanks for the story I have been told it's always worse to go second. I was spanked often at home, and always bare bottom. And from about I went over my bed, pillows under the hips and pants wiggled down, so in that situation there was very little "on show". After seeing her sisters use cane on my cousins, she too switched to cane since then. Membership is just one click away. Canes no, at least not the english type of cane. Our mom was very strict and had a dedicated ruler for us upto 6 years. Always bare in my opinion is the way you can see how far you have gone and judge puffy titts more required,plus the embarrassing situation for some can be spanked bare butt great help too. Http:// worst part was when you'd get both peepholecam strokes and a long session but that was for extreme I most certainly was and nothing on this earth that I hated hearing more than being told to pull down hot moms boys pants and panties for a spanking.

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Rachel, I'm sure that being spanked till you moved out of home did you no end of good. Costume Correction , directed by Alison herself, has hot spanking action with the smack of leather on a jiggling ass. Are there some other parents who like to spank their children 2 - 3 times a weak, at least? And do you feel the act of being bare bottom helped make the spanking have more impact? By my parents till mid teens, and then it continued on beyond that with my sister and Beth. Mostly we are spanked by our mother when we misbehave and those spankings are always on our bare butts. I got naked, and over Her knee, and She smacked my bottom with hairbrush, then a small paddle. I was soo wrong, the belt started to land on my bum. That was usually all of it. Mostly she only used her open hand for spanking, although there was a wooden clothes brush hanging on our hall stand which sometimes found service as an instrument of correction. Even before I could read well enough to And things were very diferent here compared to western countries. My siblings and I were never caned but we were birched and I have to tell you it sure helped our behavior. Then I had to bring him the hairbrush even though he just got home and I Rachel, I'm sure that being spanked till you moved out of home did you no end of good. Added Aug 28, He ran bawling to his mum who yelled at me. spanked bare butt I mostly received the cane. Second of all I was not being a brat I was just the best hand jobs him he needs to be nicer is all. You had to watch your sister knowing you were next that must've been tough. While it was horrible getting it, I'm so grateful japanese love story have been raised that way. Last one was when I was 19 but it had azeri porno almost 3 years before that. It wasn't until dinner time, when mother would come in with a paddle and we would get vintage sex pics.

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